Women use their mouths to put condoms on men’s aubergines for safe sex promo and China Presents Progressive Sex Education Curriculum


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Bizarre footage has emerged showing a row of women using their mouths to put condoms on the purple vegetables.The exercise was set up as part of a sex education event and was all in the name of promoting public awareness of safe sex.Obviously.There was only one catch. The aubergines were held in men’s crotches.Women in China use their mouths to put condoms on aubergines in men's crotchesRIDICULOUS: Women use their mouths to put condoms on aubergines in men’s crotches

In the clip, women feverishly rip open condom packets to the sounds of elated screams from a growing crowd of onlookers.It looks as though the task has been set as a race with each of the women trying to be the first to successfully protect the vegetables.The women are also not allowed to use their hands to help them out, just to add another fun element to the mix.Chinese couple celebrate after safe sex promoWINNERS: The winning pair celebrate with the crowd after the bizarre condom challenge

Commenter Grijsje said: “I mistakenly thought aubergine was the same as broccoli so you can imagine it was a hell of a job when I gave it a go.”And 70_s Inside said: “They are promoting public awareness of safe agriculture.”

But water carrier just felt sorry for the veg involved.

“Poor eggplants,” he said.

The footage ends with a rapturous reaction from the crowd as the winning couple managing to get their condom on the fastest.[SOURCE]

China Presents Progressive Sex Education Curriculum

China has launched a new sex education curriculum — and it’s wholly progressive, covering the issues of sexual abuse, reproduction, gender, menstruation(also known as a period or monthly), penis-in-vagina penetration(sexual intercourse, making love), condom, sexual fantasies(A sexual fantasy, also called an erotic fantasy), masturbation, homosexuality(lesbian or gay), and diverse sexual orientations.

In the lesson on marriage, students are taught that some people choose to be single and others choose to be married and that both are valid choices.

While it has angered some parents, it’s also led to a wave of applause from many.

While all of this may seem very normal to some readers, it’s a big step forward for China, which has long been criticized for lagging behind when it comes to sex education.

“Giving our children more knowledge about sex will help them better protect themselves in the future,” a parent on the social networking app, Weibo, argued.

A post written by a doctor in praise of the textbooks has also gone viral online.

“If the adults are now saying these textbooks have gone too far, it can only be said that their own sexuality education has been a big failure,” wrote the doctor. “Sexuality education protects children from sexual abuse, and it can only be effective if we go straight to the point and do not hide anything. Those who say the textbooks have gone too far mistake ignorance for purity.”

Chinese state media has also weighed in. The Global Times writes, “The children of China now have a sexuality education curriculum that we can be proud of, and yet everyone is giving it a thumbsdown.”

Queer and trans groups in China are also applauding the new curriculum. An article written by a lesbian organization titled, “China, finally you recognize homosexuality” has been widely shared online.

Backlash and support

Some people commented to say the content was inappropriate for young children, comparing it to “cartoon porn” and warning that kids may attempt to copy what they saw in the images.

Others, including the publisher, stepped in to defend the books.

“The textbooks are rigorously designed, tested, revised and checked. We have consulted with parents, students and teachers throughout the process,” Beijing Normal University said in a statement.

“The need for sex education as well as child sexual development is hugely neglected (in China), as there is a lack of sex education in both family and school.”

A teacher surnamed Yu at the Xingzhi Elementary School in Beijing, who uses the textbook for her classes of 12- to 13-year-olds, told CNN they had been “very well received.”

“I think the textbooks play a positive role in guiding children towards having a healthy attitude to sex,” she said, though she admitted to being “slightly stunned” to find that the book stated that being homosexual was not a choice, and should not be seen as immoral.

LGBT people in China still face a great deal of stigma, and progress toward legalizing same-sex marriage has not been forthcoming.

Step forward

Li Yinhe, one of China’s best known sociologists and sex educators, said the books were “perfectly appropriate.”

She pointed to government guidelines calling for greater sex education but said more needs to be done.

“We are lacking in trained teachers, dedicated class hours, and systematic textbooks,” she told CNN. “This collection makes up for the textbook part.”

Li praised the books for tackling same-sex relationships, saying it would help LGBT students realize they are not alone.

“Many of them are being bullied and feel suicidal,” she said. “It also teaches heterosexual students to better respect and embrace others.”

As for parents who felt the books were too graphic? “In a sense, parents’ refusal of sex education harms their children,” Li said. “Sex education matters to their life and future.”


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